Hostgator Penny Coupon- How to get Hostgator for 1 cent

Hostgator Penny Coupon (Hostgator 1 cent coupon) Advice Column

In this post I talk Hostgator Penny Coupon (also known as Hostgator 1 cent coupon) Where to purchase domain names and how to make sure you got the discount and time saving tips when setting up a web hosting account.   March 2016      author: Elaine George    (Bookmark this page)

Use Hostgator penny coupon code & get Hostgator 1 cent for the 1st month with coupon code CRACKERJACK     45 day money back guarantee

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Click View Web Hosting Plans
 hostgator penny coupon

Choose Hatchling or Baby Plan hosting plan.  I recommend Baby Plan– it hosts unlimited domains.  It means you can add more domains in the future for free.

Select monthly cycle (select hosting plan)

hostgator discount coupon

Enter the coupon code into the coupon code box.  The coupon code box is located left side – lower down the page.

hostgator 1 cent promo

When you enter the coupon code and click validate …your discount will display at bottom of the online sign up form.

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Hostgator has a 45 day money back guarantee.

Getting your hosting account started tips follow:

 Domain Name Essentials

MP900433179A website needs a domain name.  A domain name is the internet address of your website.  Its like our house number and street name.  Domain names are sold in 1 year terms.  See examples of domain extensions.

Do you already own a domain name?

If yes, then enter your domain name into the Hostgator account form. Be careful to enter the domain name accurately.   Enter the coupon code CRACKERJACK into the coupon code box. Fill out the account information and Hostgator will then email you confirming your account details.

Do you prefer monthly billingRead more here.

How to buy a domain name:

You can buy a domain name from any domain seller on the internet. There are a vast numbers of domain sellers. It may cost about $10 to $15 to purchase a domain for 1 year.

Do a Google search for domain sellers.  Click onto a domain sellers website. Some domain sellers have easy search boxes and offer you alternative domain suggestions.  Enter the domain name you hope to get and the search box will reveal if that domain is available for sale.

When you have found a domain name that you like and it is up for sale – you have 2 choices:

1)  You can purchase the domain from that domain seller.  Then fill out Hostgator account information and enter the coupon code.  Hostgator will be happy to help you connect your domain name to your Hostgator account.

2)  Buy that specific domain name from Hostgator at the same time as you set up your Hostgator web hosting account.

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Make Sure You Got the discount

On the bottom right side of the Hostgator account form you will see the discount credit displayed. It will show the name of the coupon code and the amount of discount you received. Occasionally the coupon code box pops out.  If that happens just re-enter the coupon code.

Whether you call it a Hostgator 1 cent hosting coupon, hostgator 0.01 hosting or a Hostgator 1 cent coupon -Use the coupon code and double check the bottom right hand side of the sign up form to make sure your 1st month is 1 cent.

Hostgator penny coupon – Time Saving Tip

When you sign up for web hosting and buy a domain name they will email you confirmation of the details.  Keep these emails as reference.  You will need to refer to them in the future.

Email:  Domain name purchase details
Email:  Hostgator web hosting account details

I suggest that you print these emails for your records.   As well, create a folder in your email account and store these important emails.  This will save you time in the future.

Hostgator penny coupon – How the Internet is set up

All domain names and web hosting accounts must be linked together.  This applies to every domain seller and web hosting seller on the planet.  Hostgator is happy to help you link your domain name and Hostgator account together.

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Maximum  Hostgator coupon savings  when you sign up for 1-3 years hosting.  Do you prefer to buy your hosting 1-3 years at a time? Get a Hostgator 25% coupon.  Learn more.

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To sum it up a Hostgator penny coupon is a great way to try out Hostgator.

Hostgator Flash Sale: Hostgator Special Promo Pricing

 Hostgator big discounts announced here – Click here

Hostgator Birthday Sale -Hostgator is 13 years old.

Get the special Hostgator discount on all new hosting packages:

  • shared hosting – Hatchling plan, Baby plan*, Business Plan
  • Reseller
  • VPS
  • Dedicated servers

The whole weekend discounts will be steep. There will be some hourly flash sales.

Note: It is okay to purchase an additional hosting package and get the discount. However, no cancelling of a previously purchased hosting plan is allowed.

How to Save Time When signing up for Hostgator

Here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Baby plan* – hosts unlimited domains and suits most people’s hosting needs. I recommend it.
  1. You can have as many domains as you want on 1 Baby Plan hosting package. You could have 2 or 50 domains etc. – no extra fee to host multiple domains.
  1. My advice is not to worry about choosing the most perfect domain name. You can add more new domains (any time) to your hosting account – no charge.

How to Maximize Savings:

To maximize savings select 1-3 years hosting. The discount comes off of the first invoice (first bill) only.

CLICK HERE for Hostgator 2015 Discount

I will be announcing the special Hostgator sales here when it is available.

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Hostgator 2015 coupon code will be announced on this page.




Get Hostgator 55% off Coupon Code -Special Hostgator Promo

Get Hostgator 55% off Coupon Details Here:

Sorry, this sale has ended…  but you can still get 25% off Hostgator.

Get Hostgator 55% off today. Click Here.  Post date June 23 2015

You will automatically get 55% off Hostgator.

  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • This discount applies to newly created hosting packages.

Elaine’s recommends:

The Baby Hosting package is best value –

You can always add more domains names to your hosting account anytime. There is no extra charge to have multiple domains hosted with Baby Plan.

Click GET STARTED NOW then click Baby Plan.

The coupon code box is located way down the page on the left side. This special coupon code is pre-entered today for you. You discount will display lower down on sign up page.

Getting Hostgator 55% off is only for the day. If you have a website with another host.  You can transfer  for no charge and get 55% off. Hostgator is one of the very best web hosting companies on the planet.

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Customer comments are “I have used Hostgator the last few years for my websites and find their service is excellent.” Consider your website goals. It is important to choose a web hosting company that will be here through the years. Get Hostgator 55% off today with this special promotion.